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Customer Relationship Management Solution
for one-man marketing set-up to large organizations

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Marketing, Campaigns, Leads and Opportunities

Generate, Nurture Leads and Convert into Opportunities.

Helps to build your Target Lists and Targets in each target list . Plan and execute marketing campaign like email campaigns and tracking of the same .


Sales , Sales Force and Funnel Management

Manage sales team and activities, build funnel and convert to sales

Enables sales team to monitor sales operations easily. Manage complete sales cycle efficiently and all activities are streamlined and automated


Support , Customer Interaction and Satisfaction

Case Management , Knowledge Base and FAQ Access

Helps resolve cases faster as provides exciting support features. Provides tool to service customers quickly and enhance level of customer satisfaction


Projects, Tasks, Documents and email Archive

Manage Projects and Tasks with Documents

Management of all projects and relevant tasks, documents are well organized and enables efficient collaboration between marketing and sales team


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Customer and Other Contact Information Management

Organize information about Customers and relevant contacts, activities and documents etc. Profile, categorize all type of contacts and ease retrieval

Customer Interaction Management

Track every interaction done with a target or a customer whether it is phone call, meeting, appointment etc. like who have interacted with whom and what was the outcome of the interaction and when will be the next interaction requires.

Marketing Campaign Management

Plan different sales campaigns from the list of contacts, leads and targets available based on different target lists and enables to track the status of all these campaigns.

Targets Lists  Building & Target Data Capture

Different target lists can be built for various marketing campaigns like email campaigns, tele- campaign etc.

Lead and Opportunity and AMC Management

Track all relevant information about every lead/inquiry till you win or loose the sale. Provides information about Sales Pipeline like Leads Not Closed, Won, Lost etc.

Product Lists and Catalogue Management

Facilitates to maintain list of all of your product including product images and pricing etc. This is being automatically populated while creating quotation or proposal etc.

Automation of Quotes, Proposals & Invoice

Automates quotation creation process from the details of leads/inquiries itself. One can rename it as proposal, bid, estimate etc. as per the prevailing practice in the organization.

Customer Support and Knowledge Base

Customer can log-in their issues of concern or assistance requires from email as well as through customer portal . Every customer request is being tracked till the required assistance provided.

Workflow Management and Audit Trail

Automated work flow rules can built based on various parameters on happening of various action /changes in record related to different modules.

Users Access Rights for information access

Provides access mechanism for different type of users and ensures that every application user can access, add and modify data and documents based on provided access rights only

Email Archive & Email Templates

Inbuilt email client to send and fetch emails through your SMTP account . Emails can be linked with any CRM items like account, contact , lead etc.

Microsoft Outlook Integration to Archive emails

Integrate solution to access CRM contact information in your Microsoft Outlook and archive emails to CRM items directly from Outlook .


We specialize in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions and Workplace Management solutions

we understand the need for great customer relationship management software. It is the backbone of your organization and manages everything from leads and sales to products and customer service, even your staff! Many companies decide to use expensive off-the-shelf CRM and enterprise systems that are built for general purpose, not specifically tailored to your company's requirements.


We first understand your needs and inspiration and provides right CRM and work place management applications that fulfills your objectives! Don't fit your business around generalized software, make it fit around you.

Whether your organization is a start-up or a multi-national, you'll benefit from our solutions and services !

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